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RFM - CNC Auto Lathe Manufacturer

Thank you to all our international and domestic clients for your continuous support and belief, as this has driven Rayfeng Machinery’s growth. Quality and branding is the lifeline of Rayfeng Machinery, in our ninth year we have re-designed our logo to give the brand more inspiration and recognition. The new logo indicates the revitalization and creation of Rayfeng’s new territory. Rayfeng Machinery’s new logo consists a sliver earth surrounded by a golden ribbon. The golden ribbon represents the mighty golden dragon, which is shining, and hugging the world. The high speed spinning dragon represents the endless and tireless pursuit of perfection from Rayfeng Machinery. The silver globe represents the humbleness and the sustainability of Rayfeng Machinery. Your support has inspired the growth and success of Rayfeng Machinery. We will continue to provide our excellent service with our warm attitude.


Main Products / Service

We started the business about Electro-Mechanical service two decades ago. After gaining ample experience in mechanical filed, and fully preparation, we expand our business involved CNC machine producing. Using specialized technique to serve customers is always our goal. Our products are the professional CNC automatic lathe. We produce economic 2 axes and pro-multiple 3 axes gang type CNC lathe, which are designed for electronic connectors, computer component, food processing machine, car, and hardware accessory, and so on. In our products, we use high quality ball screw and linear guideway to achieve the precision to match customer's needs.

Exports to over 30 countries

ISO Certified

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Ray Feng machine is a professional CNC automatic lathe manufacturer in Taiwan. Our R& D team innovate new technology with reliable experience in this field for many years. Machines are suitable for processing small size workpieces with compound function. Especially, for turning, chamfering, drilling, tapping, and cutting off operation at one go. The product has past through CE safety certification. Besides, upgrading quality; maintenance and service promptly, as well as competitive price. Ray Feng products are proudly to win reputation all over the world. If you would like to know more about us, please contact us immediately.