rs-32 rs-02
Swiss Type Sliding Head Driven Tool

Swiss Type CNC Lathe


RS is equipped with C axis and X/Y/Z precision axis system. It allows many kinds of tools simultaneously working on the same of different work piece to shorten the processing time. The Swiss type RS series CNC auto lathe center is designed to allow the customer to select the appropriate configuration for given application.

  • Max.turnig diameter 32mm.
  • With guide bush holder and long parts catcher,it can make long and complicated components.
  • Four axes simultaneously movement (X/Y/Z/C)
  • Main spindle Power Driven function.


Model RS-32 RS-42
Main Spindle Max. Machining Diameter Ø 32 mm Ø 42 mm
Max. Turning Length (Revolving Guide Bush) 200 mm -
Max. Turning Length (Non Guide Bush) 50 mm 80 mm
Min. Input Unit 0.001 mm
O. D. Tool □16mm x 6pcs
I.D. tooling Sleeve Size C-25-ER16 - 4pcs
Max. Drilling Ø 10 mm
Max. Tapping M8
Power Driven Tool No. of Tools ER16 - 4pcs (Opt. 5pcs)
Max. Drilling Ø 8 mm
Max. Tapping M6
Max. Milling Ø 10 mm
Power Driven Tool Motor 1.5 kw
Power Driven Tool Speed 6,000 rpm
Spindle Motor 5.0 kw 7.0 kw
Max. Spindle Speed 6,000 rpm
8,000 rpm (Opt.)
4,500 rpm
Spindle Collets 6232 INDEX 42#
General Axis Motor 0.75 kw
Axis Rapid Speed 22m/min
Coolant tank capacity 105 L
Hydraulic Motor 0.75 kw
Coolant Pump Motor 0.96 kw
Machine Dimension 2017 x 1415 x 1950 mm
Machine Weight (N. W.) 2800 kg 2900 kg
Power Supply AC/3PH/ 220V/10kw AC/3PH/ 220V/12kw
Standard Accessories
Revolving Guide Bush x 1 C-Axis (Main Spindle & Sub Spindle)
Cut Off Detector Stop Bar x 1
I.D. Tooling x 4 Power Driven Tool x 4
Optional Accessories
Power Driven Tool Non-Guide Bushing Holder
3-Spindle Front Power Driven Tool Unit 2-Spindle Front Power Driven Tool Unit
Thread Whirling Tool Auto Bar Feeder Machine
Chip Conveyor with Cart Long Parts Ejector Device
Oil Mist Collector Auto Stabilizer (15KVA)
Auto Stabilizer & Transformer (15KVA)  

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
The sound pressure level is 80 dB(A) at the position of one meter outside the machine.


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