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Swiss Type Sliding Head Driven Tool

Swiss Type CNC Lathe


Lets Complicated Parts finished in a single step on RSL-16

The RSL-16 Swiss-Type CNC milling machine features with distinguished milling and complex functions for sophisticated machining of parts. Little Genius’ RSL16 comes with a sub-spindle for turning, milling, drilling and tapping. The RSL-16 Swiss-Type CNC milling machine is ideal for motorcycle and automotive parts, electric and electric parts, instrument and hydraulic parts, etc.

The main spindle and back spindle can perform machining synchronously, which saves time greatly. Off-center device (in both front-side and back-side) allows user to do eccentric application. It also includes the most humanized control device, easy positioning operational panel and hand-wheel simulator device to facilitate the operator.

Machine Features


C-Shaft Turning

The Main spindle and back spindle can do single processing individually or simultaneous turning together. It can also do special processing of C-shaft.

Off-Center Device

Both front-face and back-face can be installed with off-center device.
Max. 2 pcs of off-center tools can be installed.


Working Range



Model RSL-16 RSL-16A 
Main Spindle Max. Machining Diameter Ø16 mm
Max. Turning Length (Revolving Guide Bush) 155 mm
Max. Turning Length (Fixed Guide Bush) 205 mm
Min. Input Unit 0.001 mm
O. D. Tool □10mm x 5pcs
I.D. tooling Sleeve Size C-22-ER16 - 4pcs
Max. Drilling Ø 8 mm
Max. Tapping M6
Power Driven Tool No. of Tools ER11 - 2pcs 、 ER16 - 2pcs
Max. Drilling Ø 5 mm
Max. Tapping M4
Max. Milling Ø 8 mm
Power Driven Tool Motor 0.75 kw
Power Driven Tool Speed 6,000 rpm
Spindle Motor 2.9 kw
Max. Spindle Speed 8,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Max. Machining Diameter Ø 16 mm  -
Max. Turning length 30 mm  -
Back working tooling No. of Tools 4pcs -
Max. Drilling I.D. Stationary tool Ø 5 mm -
Max. Sub Spindle Speed 6,000 rpm -
Sub Spindle Motor 1.3 kw -
General Axis Motor 0.75 kw
Axis Rapid Speed 15~18m/min
Coolant tank capacity 160 L
Machine Dimension 2142x1190x2093 mm
Machine Weight (N. W.) 1650 kg
Power Supply AC/3PH/220V/8.5kw
CNC Controller SYNTEC-200TB /
Standard Accessories
Revolving Guide Bush Cut Off Detector
I.D. Tooling x 4 Power Driven Tool x 4
C-Axis (Main Spindle & Sub Spindle) Parts Conveyor
Optional Accessories
Fixed Guide Bush Device Long Parts Ejector Device
2-Spindle Front Power Driven Tool Unit Automatic Voltage Regulator (10KVA)
Auto Bar Feeder Machine Auto Stabilizer & Transformer (10KVA)

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
The sound pressure level is 80 dB(A) at the position of one meter outside the machine.


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