25eq polygon-cutting-function-canbe-installed power-driven-tool-upgrade-the-processing-performance turret-increases-turning-efficiency
Gang Tool CNC Lathe Driven Tool

Turning CNC Lathe


Compact and Economical Gang Type CNC Lathe

The EQ series is ideal for dedicated small-part production, second operation parts or short runs and a variety of CNC controller can be optional. Gang type tooling provides fast tool changes for short cycle times. The EQ Lathe brings high performance and reliability to industries that are unable to fit a normal CNC Lathe into their factory. EQ also is designed for high production or rapid prototyping of small, precision parts.

  • Gang Type Tooling System has high speed cutting and High accuracy.
  • Linear Guide provide stable, accurate and Durable for X-axis and Z-axis.
  • Power driven tool can be chosen as optional for Tapping, Drilling, Grooving.
  • Turret can be chosen as optional.


Tool System


Working Range



Model RC-25HQ RC-25EQ
Capacity Max. Turning Diameter Ø26mm
Max. Turning Length 100mm
Bar capacity Ø26mm
Min. Input Unit 0.001mm
Tool O. D. Tool 16mm
I. D. Tool C20-ER16
I. D. Tool Bushing 6、8、10、12、16 X 2 (Opt.)
Spindle Max. Spindle Speed 6000RPM
Spindle Nose Ø85mm
Axis Stroke X-Axis Stroke 170mm 220mm
Z-Axis Stroke 170mm
X,Z Rapid Speed 16 m/min
Motor Spindle Motor 3KW
X,Z Axis Motor 0.75KW
Hydraulic Motor 0.75KW
Coolant Pump Motor 0.37KW
General Coolant Tank Capacity 40L 65L
Machine Dimension L1250×W1020×H1500mm L1500×W1250×H1630mm
Machine Weight (N. W.) 1300Kg
Power Supply AC/3PH/220V/8KW
Standard Accessories
Turning Tool Holders up base and down base ×2
Drill Holder (4 Holes) X4
Stop Bar×1
Drilling Shaft ×3
Optional Accessories
Spindle Collets(148E #20; 161E #25)
Side Power Driven Tool (Servo Motor) (RC-25EQ With SYNTEC Controller ONLY)
Hydraulic 6 Position Turret (RC-25EQ ONLY)
Oil Mist Collector
Auto Bar Feeder Machine
Parts Conveyor
Chip Conveyor With Cart
Auto Volt. Stabilizer (10KVA)
Auto Volt. Transformer & Stabilizer (10KVA)

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
The sound pressure level is 80 dB(A) at the position of one meter outside the machine.


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