live tool CNC lathe
live tool CNC lathe


RY 3-Axis series live tool CNC lathe is using Gang Type live tool holder system. With featured X/Y/Z/Cs axis and 21 pieces of tooling, it is promised to save the tool change time, precise/complex work pieces can be completed once in a short time. We aim to increase your work efficiency through taking full advantage of RY3-Axis series machine.


  • 4 Axis Simultaneous Control. (X/Y/Z/Cs)
  • Gang Type Tooling System has high speed cutting and High accuracy.
  • Linear Guide provide stable, accurate and Durable for X-Axis, Z-Axis and Y-Axis.
  • Max. 21 tools include 10 Power Driven Tools.
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The specification table, please refer to the 「View Catalog」 above.


Model RY-25 RY-32 RY-42
Capacity Max. Turning Diameter Ø25mm Ø32mm Ø42mm
3-Jaw Max. Turning Diameter --- 4”(Ø142mm) 6”(Ø210mm)
Max. Turning Length Ø100mm Ø120mm
Min. Input Unit 0.001mm
Tool O. D. Tool □12mm x 100mm -5pcs □16mm x 100mm - 6pcs
I. D. Tool C20-ER16-5pcs C25-ER20-5pcs
Side Power Driven Tool ER16-5pcs ER20-5pcs
Front Power Driven Tool ER16-5pcs ER20-5pcs
Spindle Max. Spindle Speed 6000RPM 4500RPM
Spindle Nose --- A2-4 A2-5
Axis Stroke X-Axis Stroke 235mm 270mm
Y-Axis Stroke 200mm 275mm
Z-Axis Stroke 160mm 130mm 170mm
X/Y/Z-axis Rapid Speed 15 m/min
Motor Spindle Motor 3KW 4.5/5KW 5.5/7KW
X/Y/Z-axis Motor X=2KW, Y&Z=0.75KW X=2KW, Y&Z=1KW
Power Driven Tool Motor 0.75KW 1KW
Hydraulic Motor 0.75KW
Coolant Pump Motor 0.56KW 0.96KW
General Coolant Tank Capacity 120L
Machine Dimension L2050 × W1400 × H1960mm L2285 × W1450 × H1905mm
Machine Weight (N. W.) 2300kg 2600kg
Power Supply AC/3PH/220V/9KW AC/3PH/220V/11KW
Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Stop Bar Spindle Collets (TRAUB A-25; INDEX #30; INDEX 42#)
Drilling Shaft Chip Conveyor With Cart
Oil Bottom Pan×1 Auto Bar Feeder Machine
Parts Conveyor Oil Mist Collector
  Auto Volt. Stabilizer (10KVA or 15KVA)
  Auto Volt. Transformer & Stabilizer (10KVA or 15KVA)

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

The sound pressure level is 80 dB(A) at the position of one meter outside the machine.


Working Range


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